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Contemporary Coptic Icon of the Resurrection from Egypt (Wall Painting)

April 8th, 2012

A contemporary Egyptian, Coptic Christian icon of the Resurrection by Adel Nassief:

“1994 – The Resurrection –
Holy Family Church – Bahir, Egypt”

courtesy Adelnassief.net, /frescos

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There are about 8 million Coptic Christians in Egypt, some 10% of the population. That is, if they were a country on their own, they’d be the size of Austria or Switzerland. If they were a US state they’d be Virginia or New Jersey. The current political upheavals in Egypt, and the rise of the Salafi Muslim hardliners in politics have created many anxieties in the community, but many Egyptian Copts also did celebrate the end of the Mubarak dictatorship, which often attempted to exploit them.

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