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How much Arabs hate Israel

July 26th, 2012 Comments off
You have to watch this.  MEMRI showed only a section of this but they gave it some different headline.  In an Arab version of candid camera, Egyptian actors and singers were invited on shows and while there were told that the station is an Israeli one.  Just watch the violent–literally–reactions of guests.  (thanks Ihsane)

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Moustafa: Don’t call the SCC’s decision on parliament a dissolution

July 15th, 2012 Comments off

Tamir Mousfata weighs in with an interesting comment on the headline of this NYT story on the scuffle over the dissolution of parliament: “Egypt’s Military and President Escalate Their Power Struggle“. He writes in a comment to the story:

The headline for this article is incorrect and terribly misleading. The Supreme Constitutional Court ruling on June 14 did not disband parliament, it only invalidated part of the election law. It was the military that disbanded parliament as an opportunistic move, but it is not the role of an unelected junta to dissolve parliament. The SCC reaffirmed its ruling as political theatre, as its ruling still stands. Morsi’s presidential decree seeks to dissolve parliament in an orderly fashion, without the military calling the shots. The New York Times should make a correction, as the current headline and much of the text of the article simply presents the spin that SCAF would like to put forward.

Moustafa is Associate Professor at Simon Fraser University and the author of a book that speaks to the heart of the matter: The Struggle for Constitutional Power: Law, Politics, and Economic Development in Egypt.

His comment, which is in line with my own analysis (as well as that I think the SCC’s June 14 decision is ridiculous and the reaction of the Egyptian judicial establishment in general to Morsi’s decree preposterous and dishonest — more on that later) and that of many other experts on Egyptian constitutional matters, is telling of how much the discussion of this struggle has been skewed. In a way, one can hardly blame the NYT’s headline writers when the Egyptian media is largely framing this in the same manner, as are politicians and many senior judges. My instinct tells me that the latter, in particular, are full of crap when they complain of the decree being “an attack on rule of law” while Morsi’s defense that he is not challenging the courts but the SCC’s right to dissolve parliament not only entirely plausible, but laudable.

Unfortunately he did not think through the politics very well here, and may lose this battle. The last saving grace for him may be, ironically, upcoming decisions by the administrative courts — otherwise his best bet will be a quick move to hold new elections. 

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Don’t love Iran

June 26th, 2012 Comments off
Comrade Laleh sent me this:  “the headline for this should be:
“no love us, please please please love US; don’t love Iran; love US… we
want to be loved“.

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Bashshar: leader of Greater Syria?

June 26th, 2012 Comments off
Akram sent me this:  “According to Nahed Hattar (Arabic):  Assigning a post in the new Syrian cabinet to a “coherent and genuine communist” (Qadri Jamil) means Al-Assad is determined to wipe out the “high profile corruption”, the compradorists, and the neoliberals

  1. Assigning another post to a the leader of the Syrian National Social Party, Ali Haidar, is a significant (conceived by the great leader (Al-Assad, not Haidar of course) step towards reconstructing the Syrian society on National (he means The great Syrian Nation) basis
  2. Conclusions:
  1. First headline of Sana tomorrow: Rami Makhlouf hanged, his assets confiscated
  2. Second headline: Syrian and Jordan one state under the wise leadership of both his Excellency and his Majesty
  3. Bashar Al-Assad is an Arab nationalist, Syrian nationalist and communist at once
  4. Nahed Hattar is hallucinating… read his full delusion here (Arabic) and find out how the destiny of Russia is determined by Al-Assad who will formulate the global scene”.

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Look at this headline in the New York Times

June 17th, 2012 Comments off
Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, Saudi Crown Prince Who Led Crackdown on Al Qaeda, Dies”.  As if he did not lead a crackdown on dissent for a longer duration.”  Neil MacFarquhar even calls him part “charming”. What do we know.  The most despised Saudi prince has charmed Neil MacFarquhar.

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attacks on Muslims in Myanmar

June 8th, 2012 Comments off
There have been attacks against the Muslim minority in Myanmar.  No one cares about Muslims as victims, naturally.  Worse, look at this headline in the dispatch by AFP, which seems to justify it. “Distrust fuels anti-Muslim violence in Myanmar“.

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Ahmad Shafiq

May 26th, 2012 Comments off

The headline (from an older newspaper during the early days of the “revolution”) says:  “Shafiq before the American chamber [of commerce]: I did not regret saying that Mubarak is my idol and my [future] reliance on `Umar Sulayman is possible”. (thanks Hossam)

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Lies of the Times

May 26th, 2012 Comments off
Look at this headline in the Times:  “Prison Term for Helping C.I.A. Find Bin Laden”.  What a misleading headline and story.  No, Times: the man injected innocent Pakistanis with “harmless” chemicals in order to provide information for a foreign power and to obtain information about the people in the compound, not to mention that he violated his medical oath.  Imagine of China were to hire an American physician who would innocently inject unsuspecting Americans with a chemical to obtain information for China.  I am sure that his prison term would be even longer.  Who are you fooling? 

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Ahmedinejad humiliated

May 7th, 2012 Comments off
The headline of this story was yesterday about “the humiliation” of Ahmedinejad.  When Ahmedinejad wins an election, Western media cry out: this is fraudulent.  But when Ahmedinejad loses, they cry out: he was humiliated.  You need to make up your mind whether elections in Iran are reliable or fraudulent. Let me know.

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Look at this dumb headline from the Times

March 27th, 2012 Comments off
Chávez in Cuba for Treatment, but Hasn’t Sought Visit With Pope”.  And why should he seeks visit with the Pope, why?  And they write that headline (and story) as if it is so damaging to Chavez.  When the Times goes after enemies of US and Israel, it sinks very very low, and petty.  I mean, shall I seek a visit with the Pope if I drop by Rome?  There has not been an interesting Pope for two centuries or three, at least.

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