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Veteran Palestinian hunger striker freed, family says

June 6th, 2012 Comments off

Palestinian and Arab Israeli protestors wave the Palestinian flag and hold a poster picturing Thaer Halahla, in MayPalestinian hunger striker Thaer Halahla, who fasted for 76 days in protest at Israeli prison conditions, was released on Tuesday evening, relatives told AFP.

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Israel high court hears hunger striker appeals

May 3rd, 2012 Comments off

Israeli Arab protesters hold posters depicting Palestinian hunger strikers Thaer Halahla and Bilal ThiabTwo Palestinians who have been on hunger strike for 65 days appeared before Israel’s Supreme Court on Thursday to appeal their detention without charge, their lawyer told AFP.

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Bahrain orders retrial of hunger striker: lawyer

April 30th, 2012 Comments off

Bahraini Shiite demonstrators hold posters of jailed activist Abdulhadi al-KhawajaBahrain’s highest appeals court on Monday ordered the retrial of Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, a jailed opposition activist who has been on hunger strike since February 8, and other dissidents, their lawyer said.

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Bahrain court orders review of hunger striker case

April 30th, 2012 Comments off

A defense lawyer says a Bahrain appeals court has ordered the reexamination of the case of a prominent jailed hunger striker and more than a dozen others.
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Israel court rejects hunger striker’s appeal

April 25th, 2012 Comments off

A handcuffed Palestinian prisoner appears from behind the bars of a prison busIsrael’s Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by a Palestinian prisoner who has been refusing food for more than seven weeks to protest being held without charge, his lawyer told AFP on Wednesday.

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Bahrain Crisis between Hunger Strike and Grand Prix Boycott

April 12th, 2012 Comments off

The crisis in Bahrain continues to boil along, despite the harsh crackdown of the Sunni monarchy on the protest movement (made up largely of the Shiite majority, but also supported by some Sunni parties). The crackdown has left about 83 dead in the past year, and hundreds have been imprisoned. Abd al-Hadi al-Khwajah, a protester and hunger striker that the Bahrain authorities have sentenced to life imprisonment, is in very bad health. Aljazeera English reports:

Al-Khwajah’s plight and that of the other political prisoners are raising questions about the holding of the Grand Prix Formula One race in Bahrain this year (it was cancelled last year). Aljazeera English reports:

The USG Open Source Center translates these two reports from Bahrain opposition web sites. (Al-Wifaq is the major political party of the Shiite majority. It demands a constitutional monarchy and revisions to the constitution. Shiites in Bahrain feel that they are discriminated against in employment, education and basic rights by the Sunni monarchy. Al-Wifaq is led by cleric Ali Salman, a moderate.) in Arabic [website of Bahrain’s largest Shiite opposition group] … is observed to carry the “text” of the Friday sermon delivered by Shiite cleric Ayatollah Isa Qasim. In his sermon, Qasim says that “Abd-al-Hadi al-Khawajah was unjustly sentenced to life imprisonment” and according to the reports of Human Rights organizations, “his health condition has become too frail and his life is at risk.” Qasim adds: “This portends a very grave national and human rights crisis the negative results of which are certain.” He explains his opinion by saying: “If Al-Khawajah dies, it would be one of the ‘unforgivable’ crimes of the regime and this would lead to a serious deterioration of the security situation in the country.” The report cites Qasim as saying: “We do not call for any armed intervention by any party, but we need more serious pressure to be put on the Bahraini regime by its ‘strategic allies,’ instead of their supportive words and stances that encourage the regime to commit more acts of violence.”…

“[The] Bahrain Mirror in Arabic [Pro-opposition website] says that the Al-Wifaq National Islamic Society has urgently summoned its cadres to set up an around-the-clock operations room to follow up on the developments in the issue of Abd-al-Hadi al-Khawajah who has reportedly reached a critical stage due to the 56-day hunger strike. The report adds that Al-Wifaq’s Secretary General Ali Salman has changed his tone on this issue by saying that “the regime will be held responsible for the consequences of whatever harm is done to Abd-al-Hadi al-Khawajah.”

The United States has widely been accused of hypocrisy in declining to criticize or sanction the Bahrain authorities for their intolerance of dissent, while jumping up and down about dictatorship in countries the US government dislikes, such as Syria.

For an excellent analysis of political dynamics in Bahrain, see Laurence Louer at the Carnegie Endowment for Peace

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Bahrain protesters rally behind hunger striker

April 6th, 2012 Comments off

Thousands of protesters in Bahrain chanted slogans Friday in support of a jailed human rights activist whose nearly two-month hunger strike has become a powerful rallying point for the tiny nation’s Shiite-led uprising against the Sunni monarchy.

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Doctors say Palestinian hunger striker is critical

March 20th, 2012 Comments off

A Palestinian woman holds a poster of Islamic Jihad supporter Hana Shalabi, a female Palestinian prisoner jailed in Israel who has been on hunger strike for 35 days, during a rally in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails outside the Red Cross building in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Tuesday, March 20, 2012. Doctors say Shalabi is in imminent danger of death after refusing food for over a month. (AP Photo/Majdi Mohammed)A Palestinian woman who has refused food for the past month to protest her imprisonment by Israel without formal charges is in grave danger of dying, a medical rights group said Tuesday.

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Israel trims detention of Palestinian hunger-striker (Reuters)

March 5th, 2012 Comments off

Reuters – Israel Sunday reduced by a third the detention period of a Palestinian woman on hunger strike since her arrest last month, but her lawyer said it was not yet clear whether she would break her fast.
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Khader Adnan

February 21st, 2012 Comments off
“In brief video clip, hunger striker Khader Adnan speaks out from hospital bed“. (thanks Farah) 

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