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Israeli forces kill man sneaking over Egypt border

July 13th, 2012 Comments off

Israel has expedited work on a massive steel barrier along its border with SinaiIsraeli border police killed one man and wounded another when the two tried to cross the Egyptian border into Israel, the army said on Friday.

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How Egyptian-Israeli border incidents used to be handled

September 16th, 2011 Comments off

In the coverage of the current state of Egyptian-Israeli relations, there is often a lack of historical memory of previous border incidents involving Israelis shooting Egyptian border guards. By some accounts, there are have been over 50 deaths of Egyptian guards or soldiers at the hands of Israelis (as well as a much smaller number at the hands of Palestinians) since the Camp David treaty was signed. Under Mubarak, these were most often swept under the carpet, so it’s not altogether surprising that anger over the latest shootings was intense when Mubarak was no longer there: it’s as if Egyptians were making up for lost time.

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Tensions Still High in Sinai as Egypt Protests to Israel

August 19th, 2011 Comments off

Several Egyptian policemen have been killed along the Egyptian-Israeli border; it’s still not clear whether they were killed by Israeli fire aimed at militants inside Sinai, or by militants when they tried to block their retreating back into Sinai; but Egypt has strongly protested to Israel; in addition to three border police killed in this clash, another policeman was killed by militants eyesterday as well. Tensions have rarely been this high in recent decades.

Egyptian-Israeli tensions are rising, but the real problem is the growing instability in Sinai, which Egypt blames on  Al-Qa‘ida elements.

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Read the 1st sentence: how dare Egyptians care about Egypt more than about Israel

August 19th, 2011 Comments off
But the revolution has turned Egypt inward, ushering in a transitional government that is more concerned with the approval of its own citizens than the security of Israel, or even the threat of subversion.  Egypt’s new leaders have unnerved Israel by cultivating closer ties with Hamas and Iran. And while they have focused on securing Cairo, they have allowed the northern Sinai region along the Israeli border to slide into lawlessness, leaving Bedouin tribes to keep the peace. The smuggling of goods and migrants has surged through a network of tunnels under the Gaza border.  Egypt was forced to take action recently to restore order after a police station in the regional capital of Arish was attacked by what the authorities said were Islamist militants. In the last few days, the Egyptian military has sent more than 1,000 troops to the area to apprehend the suspects.”

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Senate Dems might join rebuff of Obama on Israeli border issue

May 26th, 2011 Comments off

Thousands protest for Palestinian right of return (AP)

May 14th, 2011 Comments off

A Palestinian refugee protester shouts anti-Israeli slogans during a demonstration to mark the 63rd anniversary of 'Nakba', Arabic for 'Catastrophe', the term used to mark the events leading to Israel's founding in 1948, in Amman, Jordan, Friday, May 13, 2011. About 500 protesters marched in Amman's downtown market district Friday also demanding an end to Jordan's 1994 peace treaty with Israel and the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador.AP Photo/Raad Adayleh)AP – Thousands rallied in support of Palestinians on Friday, with demonstrators in Jordan’s capital heeding a call by Facebook organizers to demand a sovereign Palestinian state, others near the Jordanian-Israeli border chanting “Death to Israel,” and still more activists filling Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

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U.N. peacekeeper wounded in Lebanon clash (Reuters)

July 4th, 2010 Comments off

Reuters – Villagers threw stones at U.N. peacekeepers in southern Lebanon on Saturday, seizing their weapons and wounding their patrol leader, a U.N. spokesman said, in the latest confrontation near the Israeli border.
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Gaza rocket kills Thai farm worker in Israel (AP)

March 18th, 2010 Comments off

An Israeli police officer is seen at the site where a rocket, fired by Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip, hit the southern Israeli agricultural community of Netiv Haasara, near the border with Gaza, Thursday, March 18, 2010. Palestinian militants fired a rocket at Israel from the Gaza Strip on Thursday, killing a Thai farm worker, Israeli medics said, in the first death from a rocket attack since Israel's Gaza offensive last year. (AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov)AP – A rocket fired by Gaza militants smashed into a greenhouse in an Israeli border village Thursday, killing a Thai worker in the first such death since Israel’s massive offensive against Hamas-ruled Gaza more than a year ago.

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