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Morsi Names Prime Minister: a Nearly Unknown Technocrat

July 24th, 2012 Comments off

The new Prime Minister of Egypt has a Ph.D. in irrigation and sewage. That may be a good thing; irrigation is vital if rather low-profile, and the PM is traditionally a fairly faceless technocrat. Usually not quite so faceless no one has heard of him, though. He was a member of the outgoing interim Cabinet as Irrigation and Water Resources Minister, and before that a bureaucrat in the Water Ministry.

The appointment of Hisham Qandil after a wait of nearly a month comes as something of an anticlimax, however: the delay had led to reports, which may be true, that SCAF and/or the Muslim Brotherhood leadership had vetoed certain candidates with a national or international profile.

He’s the youngest Prime Minister in Egyptian history, they say, and is said to have never belonged to any political party, but is rumored to be close to the Muslim Brotherhood. Note that he has a beard, but not a heavy one, The MB says he’s not a member.

His CV, in Arabic, is here. He’s US educated (North Carolina and Utah).

Right now that’s about all most Egyptians know. Few of them apparently ever heard of him either. More comment later perhaps.

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Muslim Brotherhood denounced at Omar Suleiman’s funeral

July 22nd, 2012 Comments off

“… That president, former Brotherhood member Mohammed Morsi, did not attend the rites for Suleiman, whose agents once arrested Morsi for his work on behalf of the Brotherhood.But Morsi’s office was represented by its top administrative official, the grand chamberlain, and several senior military figures attended, including Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the head of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, and Lt. Gen. Sami Anan, the chief of staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces…”

Read more here:…”

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Bombing in central Iraq kills six

July 6th, 2012 Comments off

At least six people have been killed in a suicide car bombing in central Iraq, reportedly targeting a Sunni Awakening Council member, officials say.
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Hamas member killed in Syria, Mossad suspected

June 28th, 2012 Comments off

A 2010 image allegedly shows one of the suspects (R) in the murder of top Hamas militant Mahmud al-MabhuhA Hamas member was killed Wednesday in a suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus, a senior member of the group told AFP, adding that they suspected Israel's spy agency of being behind the attack.

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Turkey calls Nato meeting on jet

June 24th, 2012 Comments off

Turkey’s government calls a meeting of Nato member states to discuss its response to the shooting down of one of its warplanes by Syria.
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The 100: Egypt’s Constituent Assembly

June 13th, 2012 Comments off

Ahram Online has published the names of the 100 members of Egypt’s Constituent Assembly, the designatio of whom has continued to provoke controversy. I’ll analyze at some point, but for now (spellings as given by Ahram Online, order alphabetical by first name in Arabic:

1.         Abul-Ela Madi, leader of moderate-Islamist Wasat Party
2.         Ahmed Ibrahim El-Halwani
3.         Ahmed Diab, secretary-general of Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc
4.         Ahmed Omar
5.         Ahmed Maher Ibrahim Tantawi, April 6 Youth Movement founder
6.         Ahmed Mohamed Khalifa, cassation lawyer
7.         Edward Ghalab
8.         Osama Mohamed El-Abd
9.         Osama Yassin, MP for Freedom and Justice Party, head of parliamentary youth committee
10.       Ashraf Thabet Saad El-Din: MP for Salafist Nour Party, deputy president of People’s Assembly
11.       Ahsraf Abdel-Ghafour: Actor, head of Egyptian Actors Syndicate
12.       Ekrami Saad
13.       Amani Abul-Fadl
14.       Omaima Kamel
15.       Bishop John Paul Fatla
16.       Bishop Paul, Coptic Orthodox Church representative
17.       Ayman Ali
18.       Ayman Nour, former presidential candidate, leader of Ghad El-Thawra Party
19.       Bassem El-Sayid Hassenein Metawly
20.       Bahaa El-Din Abul-Shoka, prominent lawyer, leading Wafd Party member
21.       Taymour Fawzy Mostafa
22.       Gaber Gad Nasar
23.       Gamal Gabril
24.       Hossam El-Gherainy, head of Supreme Judicial Council, known for closeness to Brotherhood
25.       Hassan Mahmoud Abdel-Latif
26.       Hussein Ibrahim
27.       Hussein Hamed Hassan
28.       Khaled Mahmoud El-Azhary
29.       Dawood El-Baz
30.       Sameh Ashour, head of Egyptian Lawyers Syndicate
31.       Soad Kamel Rizk
32.       Said Abdel Azim
33.       Samir Marcus, liberal Christian thinker and writer
34.       Shaaban Abdel-Hamid Darwish
35.       Shaaban Ahmed Abdel-Alim
36.       Shahira Halim Dos
37.       Sobhi Saleh, MP and leading Freedom and Justice Party member
38.       Salah Abdel-Maboud Fiyad, MP for Nour Party
39.       Taher Abdel-Mohsen
40.       Talaat Marzouk Abdel-Aziz
41.       Adel Abdel-Hamid Abdullah
42.       Atef El-Banna, Cairo University constitutional law professor
43.       Abdel El-Galil Mostafa, general coordinator for National Association for Change
44.       Abdel-Diyam Mohamed Nossair
45.       Abdel-Rahman El-Bar
46.       Abdel-Rahman Mohamed Shukry
47.       Abd El-Send Yamma
48.       Abdel-Fattah Khatab
49.       Abdullah Said Abul-Ezz
50.       Essam El-Erian, MP, head of parliament’s foreign affairs committee and leading Freedom and Justice Party member
51.       Essam Abdel-Rahman Sultan
52.       Atiya Fiyad
53.       Ali Fath El-Bab
54.       Emad Hussein Hassan
55.       Emad El-Din Abdel-Ghafour, leader of Nour Party
56.       Amr Daraag, leading Freedom and Justice Party member
57.       Amr Moussa, former presidential candidate, former minister of foreign affairs, former Arab League secretary-general
58.       Fouad Badrawy, vice president of Wafd Party
59.       Farouk Gowida, poet and writer
60.       Farid Ismail, MP and leading Freedom and Justice Party member
61.       Safwat Naguib, priest
62.       Maged Mamdouh Kamel Shabita
63.       Maher Ali Ahmed El-Bahairy
64.       Mohamed Ibrahim Kamel, MP and leading Wafd Party member
65.       Mohamed Ahmed Sherif
66.       Mohamed Ahmed Abdel-Kader
67.       Mohamed Ahmed Atta Omara
68.       Mohamed El-Betagi: MP, parliament speaker and leading Freedom and Justice Party member
69.       Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat: MP, head of parliament’s human rights committee and leader of liberal Reform and building Party
70.       Mohamed Ibrahim Hassan, prominent Salafist preacher
71.       Mohamed Khairy Abdel-Diyam
72.       Mohamed Saad Gawish
73.       Mohamed Selim El-Awa, former presidential candidate, Islamist thinker, lawyer, and Wasat Party co-founder
74.       Mohamed Abdel-Gawad
75.       Mohamed Abdel-Alim Daud
76.       Mohamed Abdel-Moneim El-Sawy, MP, head of parliament’s culture, media and tourism committee and Hadara Party founder
77.       Mohamed Ali Bashr
78.       Mohamed Amara
79.       Mohamed Fouad Gadallah
80.       Mohamed Maged Kholousy, head of Egyptian Engineers Syndicate
81.       Mohamed Magdy El-Din Barkat
82.       Mohamed Mahsoub Abdel-Maguid, leading Wasat Party member and law professor at Menoufiya University
83.       Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel-Salem Abdel-Latif
84.       Mohamed Mohi El-Din Mohamed
85.       Mohamed Nagi Darballa
86.       Mohamed Yousry Ibrahim, Salafist preacher and former Nour Party spokesman
87.       Mahmoud Ghozlan, official Muslim Brotherhood spokesman
88.       Moatez Belallah Abdel-Fattah, political science professor and former prime ministerial adviser
89.       Mamdouh El-Wali, head of Egyptian Journalists Syndicate
90.       Mamdouh Shahin, lieutenant-general, defence minister’s aide for legal affairs and SCAF member
91.       Manar El-Shorobagy, political science professor
92.       Manal El-Tiby
93.       Mouncif Naguib Soliman
94.       Nader Bakr, Nour Party spokesman
95.       Nasr Farid Wassel, Al-Azhar sheikh and former grand Mufti of Egypt
96.       Huda Ghonia
97.       Wahid Abdel-Maguid, political science professor
98.       Walid Abdel-Awl
99.       Yasser El-Borhami, Salafist sheikh and Nour Party co-founder
100.    Younis Makhioun, Nour Party MP

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Senior figure in Afghan government peace council assassinated – Los Angeles Times

May 13th, 2012 Comments off


Senior figure in Afghan government peace council assassinated
Los Angeles Times
KABUL, Afghanistan — A senior member of the Afghan government body set up to negotiate with the Taliban — and a former member of the Taliban himself — was shot and killed Sunday in the Afghan capital. The killing of Arsala Rahmani, coming less than
Afghan peace council member killedCNN International
Ex-Taliban leader-turned peace negotiator shot dead in Afghan capitalWashington Post
Afghan peace negotiator killed in KabulFinancial Times
Houston Chronicle –Bloomberg
all 497 news articles »

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Interpol issues ‘Red Notice’ for figitive Iraqi VP

May 8th, 2012 Comments off

“…Tuesday’s action by Interpol, known as a “red notice,” is not an international arrest warrant and stops well short of requiring Turkey, an Interpol member, to take Mr. Hashimi into custody. But it is likely to increase pressure on Turkey to take action against Mr. Hashimi. At the very least, it could keep him in Turkey by making it more difficult for him to cross international borders…”

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Iran holds parliamentary election run-off

May 4th, 2012 Comments off

The vote could help lay the ground for 2013 presidential elections, according to analystsIran on Friday held a parliamentary election run-off to decide 65 seats still outstanding in its 290-member legislature following a March 2 first round.

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Hamas says it’s holding talks with 5 EU countries

May 2nd, 2012 Comments off

Osama Hamdan, who handles foreign relations for Hamas, speaks during an interview with The Associated Press, in the southern suburb of Beirut, Lebanon, on Wednesday May 2, 2012. Hamdan said the Islamic militant group has been holding secret political talks with five European Union member states in recent months. He also said that the talks with European government officials focus on the Hamas positions toward Israel and paralyzed Mideast peace efforts. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla)The Palestinian Islamist Hamas has been holding secret political talks with five European Union member states in recent months, a senior official in the militant group told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

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