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Romney to vow closer Israel ties

July 29th, 2012 Comments off

US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney continues his foreign tour with a visit to Israel, after a controversy-hit visit to London.
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‘Even slow growth has typically been enough to carry incumbents to victory’

July 27th, 2012 Comments off

“…. All told, the trajectory of recovery has been flatter than initially reported; but for the last quarter of 2009 and the last quarter of 2011, when growth rose to 4%, output has expanded less than 3% every single quarter of the recovery and below 2% a full third of the time. Since the recovery began in the third quarter of 2009, the output gap has scarcely closed at all, falling from roughly $1 trillion to about $800 billion. Little wonder that unemployment remains well above its long-term rate.
The poor performance will open up additional room for criticism of President Obama by his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney. But even slow growth has typically been enough to carry incumbents to victory…”

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Obama announces new military aid for Israel ahead of Romney visit – Fox News

July 27th, 2012 Comments off

ABC News

Obama announces new military aid for Israel ahead of Romney visit
Fox News
President Obama said Friday he is releasing an additional $70 million in military aid for Israel, a previously announced move that appeared timed to upstage Republican rival Mitt Romney's trip to Israel this weekend. The stepped-up US aid,
Obama: $70M in new military aid to Israel (as Romney visits)USA TODAY
Political Perceptions: Romney Surrogates Fight OnWall Street Journal
Obama releases $70M in additional military fundingAtlanta Journal Constitution
The Hill (blog) –Washington Post
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The Weakness of Romney’s Right

July 23rd, 2012 Comments off

If one thing is clear in the build-up to the 2012 presidential election, it is that the Republican candidate Mitt Romney is less someone most Americans want to vote for than Barack Obama is someone that many people do not want to vote for. The elephant in the debate room, or at least one of the herd that has swelled with the ramping up of polemical rhetoric on all sides, is Islam. Not the real Islam, which most Americans would have a hard time recognizing anyway, but two prominent distortions. The most conservative born-again, Bible-believing Christians, often lumped together in the loose term “Evangelical,” have long viewed Mormonism as a dangerous cult modeled after Islam. Some of these same folk, including those less devout who drink a redneck portion of beer and say they belong to a tea party, have decided that President Obama is really a Muslim. So for the conspiratorial fringe, this election boils down to voting for one Muslim (or should I say Mohammedan) or another.

No doubt many of the Bible-believing saints are praying for the Rapture before November. Let’s face it: what would Jesus do if his choice was between voting for a Mormon (that born-againers say are heretics) or a stealth Muslim (as the birthers contend)? I suspect few would quote the biblical passage (Matthew 22:21) where Jesus says “Render, therefore, unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s,” since taxation is obviously Satanic. Besides, Caesar died a long time ago. And I imagine that the Sermon on the Mount mantra of not smiting back, when someone is cheeky. and not resisting evil would also not be quoted. If you happen to be a Mormon, of which there are over 6 million in the United States, then you would expect Jesus to vote for Mitt, since Mormons teach that Jesus has returned to visit various Mormon leaders here in America, as recently as 1918. Muslims are not very likely to vote for Romney because the Mormon church borrowed several ideas (like a divine book delivered by an angel and polygyny) from Islam. So the right wing that has come to vote Republican without thinking is really between the Rock of Ages and a hard place.

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Republican fundraising engine shifts into a higher gear – Washington Post

July 17th, 2012 Comments off

The Guardian

Republican fundraising engine shifts into a higher gear
Washington Post
Friends and associates from Mitt Romney's business career have donated millions of dollars to help his presidential candidacy, becoming central to a massive network of volunteer fundraisers that has allowed him to raise more money than President Obama
Campaigns zero in on specific voter
Beyond human error on Romney, BainChicago Tribune
Obama and Romney Step Up Accusations on JobsNew York Times
Washington Times –Newsday –The Associated Press
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Mitt Romney mulling five-nation trip

July 6th, 2012 Comments off

The report said the trip would include already-publicized visits to Britain and IsraelMitt Romney is contemplating a five-nation tour across as many as three continents aimed at boosting his White House campaign with some foreign policy credentials, a report said.

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Obama’s complex campaign message poses a challenge – Los Angeles Times

June 12th, 2012 Comments off


Obama's complex campaign message poses a challenge
Los Angeles Times
The slogans of both campaigns are simple: "Putting Jobs First" for Mitt Romney, "Forward" for President Obama. But when it comes to the core message that each candidate is trying to get across in TV ads and campaign appearances, Romney has boiled it
Obama and Romney close now but GOP sees undecideds going their wayCBS News
New Obama ad targets Romney's tenure as governorSan Francisco Chronicle
Pennsylvania's changing position in presidential politicsPhiladelphia Inquirer
Salon –PoliticsPA –Palm Beach Post
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California a rich state for Obama and Romney – Los Angeles Times

June 3rd, 2012 Comments off

Los Angeles Times

California a rich state for Obama and Romney
Los Angeles Times
Californians have already contributed $60 million to President Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney, and there's plenty more fundraising to come. At left. President Obama waves before speaking at the Fox Theater in Redwood City, Calif., on, May 23.
Obama outspends Romney on online adsCNN International
Romney Locks Up Nomination – So Who Will be the VP Pick?
Constraints on economic action hurting
The Associated Press –New York Times –Detroit Free Press
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Obama camp takes aim at Romney’s ties to Trump – Los Angeles Times

May 29th, 2012 Comments off

CBS News

Obama camp takes aim at Romney's ties to Trump
Los Angeles Times
By Kathleen Hennessey WASHINGTON — The way the Obama campaign sees it, every day that Mitt Romney and Donald Trump share a headline is a good day. Tuesday was a very good day. Obama's campaign was happy to add fuel to the mini-media firestorm over the
Mitt Romney's losing gamble on Donald TrumpWashington Post
Braude Beat: Trump fundraises for RomneyNECN
Wolf Blitzer to Donald Trump: You're sounding ridiculousOrlando Sentinel – –Albany Times Union
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On Islam, Romney Doesn’t Have the Slightest Idea What He’s Talking About

May 11th, 2012 Comments off

by Juan Cole, History News Network, May 7, 2012

Mitt Romney said Monday that of course he would have taken out Osama bin Laden and that “even Jimmy Carter would have made that call.”

Since Jimmy Carter ordered a brave and risky but failed military mission into Iran, that was a cheap shot on the part of someone who has never had anything to do with the military. Moreover, Jimmy Carter made peace between Egypt and Israel and played a major role in reducing the number of Africans stricken by the Guinea worm from 3.5 million to 1,100. So Romney, who has mainly been sending our jobs overseas, isn’t good enough to shine Carter’s shoes.

Moreover, Romney is forgetting what he said about Obama when bin Laden was killed:

“I think the president deserves credit for approving a relatively high-risk entry into the country with helicopters and special operations personnel, Navy SEALs,” Romney said. “That was the thing that proved to be successful.”

So at the time, Romney acknowledged that Obama made the decision, and that it was a high-risk strategy that he approved (advisors such as Joe Biden preferred a missile strike).

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