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"Let’s look at the position of the pro-U.S. forces in the Middle East today …"

January 13th, 2011 Comments off
“… Let’s look at the position of the pro-U.S. forces in the Middle East today:
* Tunisia is in the throes of a serious socio-economic upheaval that threatens to spread to many other M.E. countries that, like it, are important to US power projection in the region.
* Think Egypt, in particular.
* The Israeli government continues not only to keep Gaza’s 1.5 million people locked in an impermeable and quite inhumane cage but also to viciously knock the guts out of Palestinian East Jerusalem and thus out of any hope that a viable “two-state” solution can be salvaged from the current mess of repression in Palestine… And Washington is doing nothing– nothing!– about any of that. Even its long-lasting fig-leaf of pretense that there is something called a peace “process” has now been shredded to nothingness. For far too long, there has been no progress towards any form of a just and sustainable peace. Now, there is not even the pretense of any “process.”
* The U.S. has now definitively lost the campaign to have any lasting influence over the government in Baghdad; and it is in serious trouble further east in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
*Egypt is not the only country, central to U.S. interests in the region, where an aged long-time ruler is now well into his 9th decade on earth and starting to falter, physically. Think Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia is particularly germane to the situation in Lebanon, since it was the Saudi-Syrian entente of early 2008 that allowed Lebanon to recover from the prolonged political crisis that preceded that date.
Interesting that the resigning opposition MP’s in Lebanon made a point of saying that the pro-Hariri bloc ad foiled the wishes of both the Syrians and the Saudis, and that the Hizbullah media reported it that way too.
Where is Saudi King Abdullah? He has had several serious medical procedures recently. Who has (?former) PM Saad Hariri been listening to as he has made his decisions of recent weeks?
… If Nasrallah and his friends in Tehran (especially Supreme Leader Khamenei) indeed think the time has come to give the western house of cards in the Middle East a little nudge in Beirut to see what happens, the fallout from this could well end up extending far beyond Lebanon’s tiny confines.
Well, I have been planning a short visit to Beirut next month, anyway. It should be an interesting time to be there….”

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Kuwaiti Violence Riles Opposition

December 10th, 2010 Comments off

A government crackdown on what the authorities called an unauthorized protest has led to controversy in Kuwait, since some opposition members of Parliament were reportedly injured in the clash. The opposition now intends to question the Prime Minister in Parliament. Parliamentary attempts to question members of the Royal Family have frequently led to dissolutions of Parliament in the past. More here. Opposition figures are calling the event “unprecedented” since sitting Kuwaiti MPs (four, by one account) were roughed up. This account goes into the background a bit: the government is trying to lift the immunity of an opposition MP, and protests are occurring. This one took place late Wednesday outside the diwaniyya, the traditional home gathering place for open discussion in Kuwait, of an MP.

See this post from last year and its link if you need some background. The longstanding wrestling match between the ruling family and Parliament continues. This seems to have escalated the stakes a bit since MPs were injured, but it’s a symptom of an ongoing struggle.

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