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Prince Philip leaves hospital in time for birthday – USA TODAY

June 9th, 2012 Comments off


Prince Philip leaves hospital in time for birthday
LONDON (AP) – Britain's Prince Philip has left hospital in time to celebrate his 91st birthday. The husband of Queen Elizabeth II thanked staff at London's King Edward VII Hospital Saturday after spending five days there for treatment for a bladder
Prince Philip leaves hospitalAFP
Prince Philip leaves hospital after health scareABC Online
Britain's Prince Philip released from hospital in time for his birthdayCNN
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Pop royalty reigns at Jubilee concert – USA TODAY

June 5th, 2012 Comments off


Pop royalty reigns at Jubilee concert
By Maria Puente, USA TODAY LONDON – A slew of Sirs and a bevy of boldfaced pop royals serenaded Queen Elizabeth II at her Diamond Jubilee concert Monday evening in an entertainment extravaganza that delighted a roaring crowd and seemed to please the
Diamond Jubilee success thanks to royal rebrandingCBS News
Highlights from the Diamond Jubilee concertBBC News
Prince Philip in hospital, misses star-studded jubilee concertGlobe and Mail
The Independent –Reuters UK –The Press Association
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Huge Thames Flotilla Salutes Diamond Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth II – New York Times

June 3rd, 2012 Comments off

The Guardian

Huge Thames Flotilla Salutes Diamond Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth II
New York Times
LONDON — Under dank and rainy skies that challenged a wave of popular acclaim for a monarch marking 60 years on the throne, a flotilla of 1000 boats set off down the Thames on Sunday in an extravagant royal pageant of a kind last seen on the river 350
Pomp, pageantry and pouring rain for Diamond JubileeCNN International
Republicans protest at Queen's Diamond Jubilee pageantBBC News
Jubilee crowds gather despite rainThe Press Association
AFP –The Associated Press
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A royal absence: Do Americans miss out by not having a queen? – Washington Post

June 2nd, 2012 Comments off

Wall Street Journal

A royal absence: Do Americans miss out by not having a queen?
Washington Post
She's tiny, wears extraordinary hats and travels everywhere with a purse slung just-so over her arm. (What's IN there, anyway?) She's Queen Elizabeth II, who's about to celebrate 60 years on the throne, a reign second only to Queen Victoria's 63.
Reasons for Americans to Hail the QueenWall Street Journal
The Queen's diamond jubilee marked by Google doodleThe Guardian
Scotland to mark Queen's Diamond JubileeBBC News
Globe and Mail –Times of India –
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Reasons for Americans to Hail the Queen – Wall Street Journal

June 2nd, 2012 Comments off

Wall Street Journal

Reasons for Americans to Hail the Queen
Wall Street Journal
By JOHN O'SULLIVAN Queen Elizabeth II during a 1954 tour of the Commonwealth. On her Diamond Jubilee, it continues to expand due to her hard work; she is said to have shaken hands with 2 million people. At a Buckingham Palace reception for G-7 leaders
Scotland to mark Queen's Diamond JubileeBBC News
It's party time as UK readies to celebrate queen's 60-year reignTimes of India
Celebrating 60 years on the
The Press Association –The Independent –Chicago Tribune
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Queen Visits Aden in 1954: "a Model of Colonial Development"

May 7th, 2012 Comments off

Since this is Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee year marking 60 years on the throne, a reminder of what the world (and she) looked like in the early years: an old Pathé newsreel of the Queen visiting Aden (“a model of colonial development”) back in 1954.

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A Descendant of the Prophet Gets Married

April 29th, 2011 Comments off

 I’ve heard something about a wedding in London today, but to avoid a haunting by my Irish ancestors I won’t comment at length, except to remind everyone of one Middle East connection: the groom has several distinct descents from the Prophet Muhammad, some of them pretty solidly documented. I’m willing to bet this is the one piece of Royal trivia that doesn’t get mentioned much in the wall-to-wall coverage in Western media.

As I noted in the earlier post linked above, most of it comes through intermarriages between Islamic and Christian dynasties in Spain:

Anyway, she [Queen Elizabeth II] apparently doesn’t just have just one descent from the Prophet, but multiple lines of descent through several of his children and through several of QEII’s own rather varied ancestral lines. Here’s one version of her several lines. There are lines from the Prophet’s daughters Ruqayya and Umm Kulthum, and a couple of lines through his grandson Hussein (so she could add “Sayyida” to her royal titulature), one of which also passes through the line of the Shi‘a Imams to the 10th Imam (and a sister of the 11th), and yet another through Hussein’s brother Hasan (so she’s also a Sharifa), and some other variants of these.

The key is that several descendants of the Prophet married into the Umayyad Caliphal house, and when the last Umayyads fled to Spain (al-Andalus) in 750 AD they carried several Prophetic descents with them. The usual intermarriages of daughters and sisters of the Caliphs with various local rulers in Spain eventually included some marriages with local Christian rulers, which in turn put the Prophet’s DNA into some of the local dynasties of what became Portugal and Castile, and also into the Hapsburg line. Given all the usual intermarriages, she ended up with multiple descents, some coming through Edward IV, but others coming in through various German and other houses later on, the latest through Mary of Teck, wife of George V and the Queen’s grandmother.

And that is the extent of Royal Wedding coverage in this blog.

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Qadhafi: Mercurial, Eccentric, or "Just Plain Nuts?"

February 25th, 2011 Comments off

I really hope I don’t get a copyright takedown demand for publishing a favorite Gary Larson Far Side cartoon (used purely for editorial purposes), at left, but Brother Leader’s rant on a TV call-in show yesterday raises (and hardly for the first time) the question of the man’s grip on reality. His worldview is a bit askew at the best of times, assuming this is his home planet. But as the circle closes on his hill at Little Bighorn, his public statements have grown exceeding strange.

I haven’t seen a full English transcript, or even a full Arabic one, of his call-in stream-of-consciousness conspiracy theory, since he tends to defeat translators (it’s said the simultaneous translator of his UN address quit at about an hour in). But at one point or another he seems to have asserted (“seems to” since no one ever gets all the points he touches on in any language) that:

  • Usama bin Ladin is the instigator of the rebellion.
  • In league, of course, with the United States.
  • (His earlier speech included Israel and Al Jazeera) so we have the old US-Bin Ladin-Israeli-Al Jazeera axis.
  • All the protesters are on drugs, and under 20 years old to avoid legal responsibility.
  • Bin Ladin and al-Qa‘ida put drugs in Libyans’ coffee, in mosques, to drug them into rebellion. One version I saw said he referred to drugging their Nescafe. Nescafe is often Arabic shorthand for Western versus Arabic coffee, but since Qadhafi has a major feud with Switzerland (which sought to arrest one of his sons for felony assault), and Nestle is Swiss, well, who knows? Why is Nescafe served in mosques?
  • He is like Queen Elizabeth II. If he’d actually asserted that he was the Queen, the speech would have been only marginally stranger. (A ditty to the tune of “The people’s flag is deepest red”: The colonel’s flag is deepest green/The colonel thinks he is the Queen.) (Sorry: I just couldn’t resist that.)

Those who have interviewed him through the years have sometimes suggested he is himself using drugs. I wouldn’t know, but the man has always seemed extremely strange. I know the Internet rule known as Godwin’s law, which says that the first person in a discussion to compare the opponent to the Nazis loses the argument, but aren’t we starting to sound like we’re in Führerbunker territory here?

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Qadhafi Compares Himself to Queen Elizabeth II

February 24th, 2011 Comments off

In another rambling rant by telephone over Libyan state TV, Qadhafi has blamed everything on Usama bin Ladin, said all the protesters are on drugs, and

Gaddafi argued that he was a purely “symbolic” leader with no real political power, comparing his role to that played by Queen Elizabeth II in England.

Well, maybe. It would be easier to buy the comparison if Queen Elizabeth sent an army of Gurkhas rampaging through London shooting people, but I don’t think she ever has. Does anyone know if Qadhafi has corgis?

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Britain's queen arrives in UAE

November 25th, 2010 Comments off

Britain's queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip arrived here Wednesday as part of their visit aimed at promoting ties with the region.
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