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Russia overrdides the US & allies to extend UN mission in Syria

July 20th, 2012 Comments off

Britain earlier proposal to extend UNSMIS for a “final” time for 30 days…. was shot down by Russia.Yesterday, Moscow vetoed a Western-backed resolution which threatened among other things, sanctions against President Assad if he does not end the use of heavy weapons in the conflict…with Chptr. VII and all.
Russia supported a Pakistani draft resolution which stipulated to extend the UNSMIS’ mission for 45 days but WITHOUT any conditions on renewal!

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US tightens sanctions on Tehran

July 12th, 2012 Comments off

The US blacklists new firms and people said to be aiding Iran’s nuclear programme, and identifies front companies allegedly helping Iran evade sanctions.
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Iran, U.S. Sanctions, and the Emergence of a True “New World Order”

July 9th, 2012 Comments off

China and Russia urged to end support for Assad

July 7th, 2012 Comments off

PARIS – The US and its allies Friday urged the UN to use tough sanctions against President Bashar al-Assad’s government to force him to step down and end 16-month long bloody crisis in Syria. …
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What better way to bolster talks than to threaten war & more sanctions!

May 18th, 2012 Comments off

Syria troops ‘shell city of Hama’

April 23rd, 2012 Comments off

Shells fired by Syrian security forces have killed 20 people in the city of Hama, activists say, as the EU imposes a new round of sanctions.
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Iran wants US to ease sanctions for progress on nuke talks

April 17th, 2012 Comments off

TEHRAN – In a sign of softening stance, Iran has asked Western powers to ease sanctions imposed on the Islamic republic to facilitate progress in talks over Tehran's nuclear programme, but the US was
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Syria troops bomb towns, EU grounds First Lady

March 23rd, 2012 Comments off

Bashar Assad and his wife Asma visit a hotel in DamascusSyrian forces bombed towns and clashed with rebels in several regions Friday as activists said thousands staged anti-regime protests and the European Union slapped sanctions on the country’s First Lady.

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Sanctions ‘disintegrating Syria’

February 19th, 2012 Comments off

One of Syria’s leading businessmen says its economy is being crippled by foreign sanctions and that the government is slowly disintegrating.
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Tehran claims advancement in nuclear know-how

February 16th, 2012 Comments off

TEHRAN – In a move to drive home its plans to continue with the nuclear programmes despite tougher sanctions by Western nations, Iran Wednesday claimed to have made advances in nuclear know-how includ
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